Key Advisors and Founder

Key Advisors for ET3 are licensees who have exceptional skills necessary for ET3 implementation, and have made extraordinary commitment to achieving the vision of ET3:

Ralph Bakker, Business Development Expert: was born in the Netherlands. He graduated with an international MBA at the age of 23. Since 1988 he owns MetaVisie X bv. He did consulting-, coaching- and training work for 90 % of the top-100 companies in the Netherlands and became self-made millionaire 'in disguise' at age 30. In 1992 he was invited by the Russian Ministry of Information to teach a three day program on the neuro-sciences to English speaking executives.
Ralph contracted world famous speakers such as Deepak Chopra and Anthony Robbins and organized successful events for them that were attended by thousands of people. He was a forerunner in the human potential movement in the Netherlands and stimulated executives from hundreds of companies into reaching excellence in leadership.
Ralph's involvement with ET3 is driven by his vision of sustainability. Early 2014 he invited Brenda and Daryl Oster over to his estate in the Czech Republic where they discussed detailed plans for ET3 Europe which he is committed to bring to realization. Ralph traveled all over the world and resides in Apeldoorn. You are cordially invited to connect with him on social media.

Dr. Oleg Chevtchenko, Applied Superconductivity Expert: graduated in 1976 cum laude in low temperature physics at Odessa Technology Institute of Power Engineering in Ukraine. In 1976-1980 he researched superconducting cables at the Moscow Power Engineering Research Institute in Russia. In 1980-1996 he went from research scientist to group leader in the Laboratory of superconducting converters, Department of energy conversion, at the Institute of Electrodynamics, National Academy of Sciences in Kiev, Ukraine. From 1992 till 2002 he was employed by NWO and STW and worked as a senior scientist in large-scale applied superconductivity at the Faculty of applied physics of the University of Twente, the Netherlands. Since 1996 he is active in high temperature superconductivity and in 2002 receives his PhD at the University of Twente for the research on power applications of high temperature superconductors. From 2001 he worked as a senior scientist in quantum physics and metrology and as coordinator of European research projects, manager and leader of multiple national and international research and technical projects at the Netherlands Institute of Metrology, Van Swinden Laboratory, Department of Electricity. From 2005 he is a research professor in high temperature superconductivity at the Technical University of Delft, Faculty EWI, High Voltage Technology & Management Institute and a participant of Study Committee D1, Materials and Emerging Technologies at CIGRE. He has 115 published works and 15 patents in applied superconductivity, physics, electrical engineering, metrology and standardization.

Edwin Basye, web designer and builder:  started his IT career in 1972 programming business systems on mainframes. After working for several employers, he settled into a 20-year career at National Semiconductor Corporation (NSC), becoming a Member of Technical Staff, the highest technical position there. Edwin quit his position with NSC in 1999 to pursue other interests. In 2007 he started his own website services company, Sites That Grow LLC, and has been building and maintaining websites using Drupal since that time. Edwin is currently webmaster for ET3.COM and ET3.NET.

Bios to be added soon for:

Scott Brown,

Dr. Russ Derickson,

Nick Garzilli, COO

Graham Kaye-Eddie,

Dr. Masayuki Kumada,

Brenda Oster,

Shyla Liebscher,

Jack Panter,

Herb Tabak,

Dr. Zhang Yaoping,


Daryl Oster, Founder and CEO of ET3 Global Alliance,  Inc. Studied Mechanical Engineering at Walla Walla College, Washington. His experience includes: Farming; and marine, aeronautical, and mechanical design and certification. He was a stockbroker for a short time, and served a recent term on Crystal River City Council. He represented municipal interests for his county on a five county regional planning board.

His varied skills have resulted in an environmentally responsible proposal to solve the transportation dilemma using moderately priced technologies, and existing manufacturing capacities.

Daryl Oster’s Experience:

  • Member at ATRA Advanced Transit Association
  • CAD Engineer at American Marine Holdings
  • Design Principal at Dynamax NOTARcopter
  • Engineering Tech. at Addax Inc.
  • Consultant at American Air Jet Helicopter
  • Engineering Consultant at Quick Fries
  • Assistant Manager Trainee at Power Securities
  • Design Team Member at Concept Engineering
  • Investment Broker at Blinder Robinson
  • Food Service Worker at AAFES
  • Engineering Tech. at UQM Technologies (formerly Unique Mobility)


  • Earned US Patent for Evacuated Tube Transport (ETT) 1999.
  • Co-authored Book: “A New Industrial Era Coming, Initial Dialogue on Evacuated Tube Transport” ISBN 7-302-08891-8/F – 835, Published By Tsinghua University 2004.
  • ETT Papers Presented at: ATRA TRB Meeting in Washington DC 2004, ASCE APM Orlando 2005, ARTA Meeting in Orlando 2005, Frank Davidson Macro Engineering and Diplomacy Conference in Normandy 2005, Discovery Institute Transportation and Energy Conference at Microsoft Redmond 2006. 
  • Authored Books: “Travel Free, a comprehensive guide to Evacuated Tube Transport – Space Travel on Earth” (4 volumes currently in draft).
  • Earned India Patent for Evacuated Tube Transport 2007.

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