Who is going to build it?

Those who license the technology and collaborate with one another will build ETT systems. The philosophy is an open system (like Linux), with chaordic rules (like VISA credit card service) where improvements are made by many collaborators working to achieve mutual benefits, but the collaborators have a mechanism for getting paid to the extent of their contribution. People who now work in almost any field will build components, or provide services that make the ETT system possible. Even though most do not realize it, everyone has underutilized, unique skills or assets that could be used to help manifest the ETT system. All the skills, production capacity, materials, and labor force required to build the system exist right now. By purchasing a life-time ETT license for just a hundred bucks, anyone can competitively propose and bid on ETT related work. Since one out of five dollars spent are spent on transportation, there is a tremendous market available for your latent skills or assets. The licensee web site at www.et3.net will be the market place for skills and assets relating to ETT projects.

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