When will a prototype be built?

Prototypes, or production components for all of the individual systems used by ETT exist right now. These components / facilities / materials etc. will be virtually assembled into an ETT system over the Internet. As the real components are assembled virtually, plans and alliances are formed for actual construction. A Licensee acts according to the following outline to add the parts they can supply:

  1. Look over the ETT tech files and determine the classification for your skills, component, material, asset, or service. (If a classification does not exist, propose one)
  2. Post your licensee information and what you offer / need; along with delivery lead times and prices, in the appropriate classifications.
  3. Look for projects you have an interest in, submit offers / or express needs.
  4. Contact Licensees who offer what you need or need what you offer; to cooperate on assemblies, and work out standards etc.
  5. When all required classifications are represented by licensees, bid winners start to work.

Initially it is likely that a small demo system will be built first.

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