When can I use ETT?

In the year 1907 less than one percent of the US population had an automobile. In Just 35 years (1942) ninety nine percent of horse and buggy travel had been replaced by automotive means. People are less resistant to change than they where a hundred years ago. Now people demand change, when clear benefits are perceived. If you, and those you know, support the ETT system, (even if it is just telling others about it), we could all enjoy low cost world travel in less than 10 years. 

Here are our current goals:

  • 2yrs- a 3 mile demo at 375mph ($10M cost recovered in a year as a $25 amusement ride).
  • 5yrs- 300 mile system connecting major cities (greater than 30% ROI for 10M passengers/yr at $0.10/mile).
  • 10yrs- national networks in most major countries (if all built to the same standard can be interconnected).
  • 20yrs- global ET3 network displacing up to 90% of the global transportation (presently $8.65T/year).
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