In the hypothetical implementation of an Evacuated Tube Transport System, what is the congressional and public popularity of the plan?

Q: "I would like to know whether an Evacuated Tube Transport System will be popular, unpopular, bipartisan, etc. in Congress, if it were brought to the Senate or House floors as a stand alone bill. The only thing in this bill will be all necessary funds and components needed to build and maintain an Evacuated Tube Transport System in the United States."


A:  The status quo transport modes (truckers, rail industry, auto industry, road builders, etc., ...) pay lobbyists millions of dollars per year to secure billions in government contracts.  Innovative transportation technology startups (like ET3) cannot compete at this trough.  Our research shows that virtually all paradigm shifts in transportation occurred in the private sector, and motivated by profit potential.  History also shows that most new modes encountered opposition from government at first.  As happened with past modes, we see government support occurring AFTER public support is apparent.  Then the most adept politicians will probably claim ET3 was their idea.  Government support (in all countries) is key to achieving our global vision.  So we do continue to "plant seeds" by informing elected officials who will listen about our technology and progress to implementation. 

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