How would ETT hold up against extreme conditions, such as a inclement weather or earthquakes?

Q: Especially while it's in use. What will you do during those situations


Over 99% of transportation deaths and property loss is NOT caused by natural disasters.  We focus on reducing or eliminating the worst transportation risks first (such as human errors), and we can also reduce the risk of natural disasters too.  All modes (and all buildings too) are at risk of earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes.  ET3  tubes can be designed to withstand high wind, but not if the wind picks up a building or locomotive and slams it into the tubes!  ET3 will automatically re-route vehicles to go around tubes that are in the path of a tornado or hurricane.   ET3 can mitigate quakes too (similar to how way it worked on the Alaska pipeline crossing the Denali Fault 7.9 quake in 2002).



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