how will this system perform in the event of natural disasters?

Q:  "What preventative measures are in place when confronted with hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, so on and so forth?"


Anything built by man can be destroyed by nature.  Such 'acts of God' events threaten all transportation modes, and all of our homes and places of business.  Fortunately such events are rare and constitute less than 1% of transportation related deaths and property loss.   What we are really concerned about is improving transportation safety, so our focus is on doing something about what represents the greatest threats to transportation safety such as: operator error,  obstacles in the path of travel, snow, fog, ice, rain, mechanical failures, etc..   ET3 will not eliminate all risk, but it will dramatically reduce the biggest transportation safety problems.

ET3 has very high capacity to move people.  A single tube (600km/h or 375mph design speed) has a capacity of 240,000 passengers per hour, so ET3 has the potential to quickly evacuate a big city if a major storm is on the way. 

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