How can ETT stop when going that fast?

How can it stop this fast transport when you are almost arrived?

A hybrid car is able to recover acceleration energy when the vehicle stops.  This well known process is called regenerative braking.  ET3 uses the same concept.  To slow the capsule a 'linear electric generator' (LEG) is able to recover as much as 90% or more of the acceleration energy.  A car on a freeway  ideally accelerates up to speed before merging into the flow of traffic, and upon arrival to the destination the car exits the freeway on an off ramp before slowing down.  In this way the flow of vehicles on the freeway is not interrupted when one car wants to stop.  ET3 operates the same way, except in tubes, and the control is automated.

In an emergency all capsules in an ET3 tube can be rapidly stopped at the same time by letting air in to the tube all along the length of the tube. 

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