Do tall or small people fit comfortably within a capsule?

I am 6 feet 6 inches (198 cm) and have difficulties with leg space in Economy flights and even some cars don't have enough leg space for me to drive comfortably. Are there difficulties for me sitting comfortably within a capsule, since the seats in the picture gallery are ergonomically made for average length people. This problem may also apply to small people or children, just the other way around. How are you going to solve this issue for people not in average length?

ET3 seats are designed to accommodate a very wide range of human dimensions normally encountered.  We used ergonomic data to ensure that ET3 can accommodate over 99.999% of humans.  The seats and capsule size will accommodate 1 percentile adult females OR two 99% adult males.  Adults larger than this can take the whole width, (or the whole capsule) to accommodate up to 800 lbs persons.  It is estimated that there are less than 1000 persons in the world than will not be able to fit in an ET3 capsule. 

The ET3 seats have adjustable foot rests, and adjustable air bladders for different spine curvatures, and sitting heights (and thigh support).  ET3 comfort will be better than a typical recliner -- if you are over 6-8 tall, we suggest using a capsule configured for 4 seats instead of 6 seats, and/or using 2 seats (sitting in the center of the seat will give a couple inches more head room for up to 7-4 room (likely less than 1000 people on earth taller than this).

The ET3 capsule mock up has been tested by a wide range of people.  Over a thousand have sat in it, and only one said they felt more comfortable in an aircraft or automobile.  When further questioned, this person said the seat was more comfortable, but space was too small to be in for a few hours.  When they learned that they would be able to stop at any access portal (no further than 15 minutes apart) their reservations melted, and they said they could probably last a few hours if they knew that they could get out at any time with a maximum 15 min wait time to do so. 

See the ET3 Facebook page for photos of the mockup (tested with very large individuals).  The large persons that have sat in the mockup expressed that they were much more comfortable than in a car or aircraft.  The required license to use ET3 will offer the ability to store personal preferences for seating adjustments.  Prosthetic cushions can be custom made for individuals with special needs.

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