Safety Questions

What about terrorists?

Although rare, acts of terrorism occur. Airplanes, boats, and cars are favored targets because the terrorist can use the vehicle to escape detection, and elude apprehension. Statistically, the death rate due to terrorism is much lower than deaths caused by operator error, weather, and mechanical failures. High security, surveillance, and swift apprehension of suspects reduce losses due to terrorism. Much tighter security is possible with the ETT system than is possible with aircraft, boats, or automobile.

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What if the brakes fail?

The braking system is automatic. It does not rely on human control. The parts are subject to continuous automatic inspection and replaced before unacceptable wear occurs. Multiple redundant backup braking is activated if any failure occurs in the primary braking system. Compared with automobiles, trains and airplanes, failure of ETT braking systems are unlikely.

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What if someone gets sick?

Since ETT will be the fastest method of travel, it will be the preferred way to transport persons for medical reasons. Terminals will be equipped with EMT facilities and personnel. A button may be pushed if a person is in distress from sudden illness. Heart sensors also signal a medical emergency. The signal causes the capsule to be diverted to the nearest EMT facility. In case of a false alarm, the person indicating the false alarm could be charged a fine to discourage misuse.

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