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When will a prototype be built?

Prototypes, or production components for all of the individual systems used by ETT exist right now. These components / facilities / materials etc. will be virtually assembled into an ETT system over the Internet. As the real components are assembled virtually, plans and alliances are formed for actual construction. A Licensee acts according to the following outline to add the parts they can supply:

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When can I use ETT?

In the year 1907 less than one percent of the US population had an automobile. In Just 35 years (1942) ninety nine percent of horse and buggy travel had been replaced by automotive means. People are less resistant to change than they where a hundred years ago. Now people demand change, when clear benefits are perceived. If you, and those you know, support the ETT system, (even if it is just telling others about it), we could all enjoy low cost world travel in less than 10 years. 

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How much will it cost to ride?

The energy and material use is very low, and the durability of the components is great; so the initial, and operating cost will be much less than current methods of travel (the rate can be less than a penny per passenger mile). Some licensees believe that cost will be so low that advertising could pay for most travel, just like it pays for TV, or free Internet. Depending on who you are, advertisers may actually pay you to travel while watching their presentation! The cost will depend on many factors such as the design speed, the topography, and the demand.

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Who is going to operate ETT?

For fiscal operation, both corporate and public operation is encouraged by the non-exclusive, low cost licensing plan. The license promotes both cooperation and competition.

Physical operation of the system is by automated computer control. The only input and skills required are the ability to chose and enter a destination.

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Who can use ETT?

Just like trains, initial ETT use will be for cargo, and along high use routes of travel.
Once proven, construction will rapidly spread. Since the system is efficient in energy and materials use, high-speed travel will be low cost, and sustainable. Eventually, everyone in the world may use the system.

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What is ETT?

ETT stands for Evacuated Tube Transport. ETT is the fastest and most efficient way to travel. It uses well known methods, parts, and technologies. The patented system works by eliminating virtually all friction normally associated with travel. Three basic embodiments range from: low tech low speed systems for local use at speeds below 200 mph; to high tech systems for continental and intercontinental transport up to 4,000 mph or more. For greater detail see technology section.

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