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Hi, I realize I can't buy stock directly from your company, but I was wondering if your able to give me a list of people who buy licenses in order to buy stock in those companies? Thanks

Licensees are in control of the information they make available to other licensees on the website. 

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What about all the red tape from the FEDs and state Governments, also the DOT

Government is proving to be one of the more significant barriers to ET3 implementation.  Fortunately over 70% of the US economy is non-government, this is why we are focused on private implementation of ET3.   We are offering land owners (governments or private) 5% of revenue generated across the land if they grant a perpetual right of way (ROW).  (NOTE; as with electric ROW, government has the power to take land for public use -- in that case the government would get the 5% -- plus th

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In the hypothetical implementation of an Evacuated Tube Transport System, what is the congressional and public popularity of the plan?

Q: "I would like to know whether an Evacuated Tube Transport System will be popular, unpopular, bipartisan, etc. in Congress, if it were brought to the Senate or House floors as a stand alone bill. The only thing in this bill will be all necessary funds and components needed to build and maintain an Evacuated Tube Transport System in the United States."


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What kinds of adjustments need to be made to the existing design to allow ET3 to travel across oceans (to Hawii for example)?

ET3 to HI is not presently deemed feasible, but may be in the future.  The cost would likely be much greater than the benefit.   Connecting most of the islands of HI to each other  may be feasible however using SFT (submerged floating tunnel) technology.  The best place to cross oceans is the Bering Strait between Alaska and Siberia.

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what if I have to use the bathroom??

Note that very few automobiles are equipped with toilets or washroom facilities.  ET3 capsules operate as cars on a freeway so when toilets and washrooms are needed the capsule will never be further than about 15 min from an access portal with such facilities.  An option is removable cushion with a plastic bag lined receptacle for emergency use.  Some privacy can be availed with a pull down screen between the seats.  Not a replacement for a toilet, but better than nothing if sudden urgency strikes.

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