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How many people fit in a capsule?

Capsules 2 feet in diameter and 8 feet long could be used for one person lying down. Capsules could be made big enough to accommodate a bus. Economics will dictate capsule size, and our research shows that the best capsule size has already been proven by the most successful vehicle in the world - the automobile. The average car carries 4-6 passengers, or 800 to 900 pounds of payload. A 51" (1.3m) diameter capsule 16 feet long could accommodate 6 persons. This is estimated to be the best compromise between utility and cost.

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How much will it cost?

Since primitive man first made a dugout canoe, the demand for transportation improvements has increased. Transportation expenditures are around 14% of the world economy. The rate of growth of transportation is double the rate of growth of the world economy. In developed countries it has grown to 20% or one trillion dollars per year in the USA. Experts have estimated that the costs of ETT transport will be much less than current systems. The right-of-way requirements are around 5% of an interstate freeway. The materials use for spans will less than one tenth.

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Who is going to build it?

Those who license the technology and collaborate with one another will build ETT systems. The philosophy is an open system (like Linux), with chaordic rules (like VISA credit card service) where improvements are made by many collaborators working to achieve mutual benefits, but the collaborators have a mechanism for getting paid to the extent of their contribution. People who now work in almost any field will build components, or provide services that make the ETT system possible.

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