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Does it go to denmark?

Unfortunately the US government prevents us from exporting ET3 to a few countries such as Iran, and North Korea. Fortunately there are no restrictions for Denmark. We look forward to working with licensees in Denmark to plan and build ET3 on the routes that make the most sense.

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what are the materials they are going to need?

ET3 will require traditional materials such as steel and concrete, and fiber reinforced composites.  ET3 that uses HTSM (a new form of maglev) requires advanced materials including high energy permanent magnets (for instance using Neodymium), and YBCO (Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide) superconductor films and / or bulk crystals. 

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How high is the remaining air pressure, as full vacuum is not achievable by theory and known technologies? Would the remaining air constitute some resistance, as the capsule travels faster than sound?

The optimum vacuum level produces the minimum total energy use.  The energy is minimized when pumping power is equal to propulsion power.  Higher quality vacuum reduces drag, but takes more energy to produce.  Optimum vacuum is a function of many variables including: design speed, material leak rates (tube wall, capsule wall, and seals), airlock cycle rate and undisplaced volume, number of capsules per unit of time, etc.  Use of a medium grade vacuum of 10ee-3

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The Acceleration of the system, will it be EMS or/and EDS or/and something using Superconductors

ET3 can use any form of maglev such as Electro-Dynamic Suspension (EDS) or Electro-Magnetic Suspension (EMS), however if ET3 is to be networked it must all be built to the same standard.  Most maglev systems are separate from the LEM/LEG (linear electric motor/generator) elements; but EMS can be designed to incorporate LEM/LEG functions.  Both EDS and EMS require significant amounts of

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How can ETT stop when going that fast?

A hybrid car is able to recover acceleration energy when the vehicle stops.  This well known process is called regenerative braking.  ET3 uses the same concept.  To slow the capsule a 'linear electric generator' (LEG) is able to recover as much as 90% or more of the acceleration energy.  A car on a freeway  ideally accelerates up to speed before merging into the flow of traffic, and upon arrival to the destination the car exits the freeway on an off ramp before slowing down.  In this way the flow of vehicles on the freeway is not interrupt

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Will the government be involved?

Yes, Large-scale projects will at a minimum need government cooperation. We the people are the government. In free countries, demands of the people will insure full government cooperation. Wouldn't you vote for a candidate who openly supports ETT? International systems will need the sanction of the governments involved. It is anticipated that the first systems in the US will be built with private investment, as there are almost no instances where the government has funded revolutionary transportation innovation.

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