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Have you considered undercutting the freight market first?


You also wrote: "As a reluctant trucker I see much oversized freight that won't fit in a 5' tube, however I also transport much that, packed differently at the shipper, would fit the 2' tube with ease. The USPS is a great target customer for small freight in great qualities that are times sensitive. Electronics, perishable foods, small parts manufacturing lines joined over long distances to act as one factory: undercut the cost of freight enough and industries will be BEGGING for diameter upgrades"


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Are you aiming to phase out all other forms of transport using this technology?

ET3 has the potential to displace most modes due the the major value improvement.  We believe ET3 has the potential for as much as a 90% share of transportation further than about 20 miles.  ET3 is not likely to "phase out" all other forms of transport.  For instance there are more horses in the US now than there were in the 1800s, but they are not used for transportation they are use

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Will the aircraft and car manufactures try to stop ETT?

Perhaps some will, most will realize that they are in the transportation business, and use under-used production facilities to manufacture ETT components. Much like in the early 1900's when Fisher (coach works) switched to building automobile bodies as buggy demand declined. Other companies were not so wise.

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Will the oil companies resist ETT?

ETT system construction will require large amounts of plastics. If demand for transportation fuel is reduced, oil companies could modify existing refineries to manufacture plastics at much lower cost, while maintaining profits. Low cost plastic building products will replace the use of wood in building construction. Oil companies realize that oil reserves are limited. When ETT becomes the transportation system of choice, valuable oil resources can be used and recycled for many years instead of being converted into smog by cars. This will have a very beneficial effect on the environment.

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